India, the largest democracy and the fastest growing trillion dollar economy in the world with 1.34 billion people, is on track to become one of the world’s most powerful influencers.

Think Education’s GO INDIA initiative gives school students, undergraduates, graduates and corporates an opportunity to interact with modern India, helping them understand one of the fastest growing economies in the world.
Studying in India for short periods as part of a university experience enables participants to develop many relevant skills sought after by employers at an early stage in their careers.
GO INDIA Initiative enables participants to spend 2 weeks on a course designed to experience Indian university life, visit historical sites, participate in industry interactions and work with NGOs in order to gain first hand inside knowledge of contemporary India.


Go India Initiative
  • Presents India to the world as a destination for high quality, in depth study of various disciplines at both the undergraduate & post graduate level.
  • Fosters cross cultural understanding in a real world setting
  • Enables participants to expand their professional and personal network
  • Offers placements that will give participants the chance to develop enhanced employability skills and support internationalization of Indian industry and academic institutions


  • The vision of GO INDIA Initiative is to promote globalization, partnership and greater cultural understanding linking the world and India through experiential learning opportunities provided in a specialized setting, with safety as a top priority. GO INDIA Initiative aims to bring 3000 international students to India by 2020.


We work with a large number of Indian universities and schools to create placements in India.

If you are interested in partnering with us to fund deliver or promote GO INDIA programe, please email us at goindia@thinkeducation.in


The Golden Temple, Amritsar